The Provincial PoET Program

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What is the Provincial PoET Program?

A New Training & Certification Program that helps Long-Term Care Homes in Ontario align their habits, practices and policies with Ontario’s consent obligations

PoET (Prevention of Error-Based Transfers) is an award-winning Ethics Quality Improvement Project based out of William Osler Health System where it has helped Ontario long-term care homes change the culture of decision making in positive and sustainable ways since 2012.  PoET improves the understanding of consent, capacity, and substitute decision making in the home, and promotes alignment with Ontario’s Health Care Consent Act.

Through a financial contribution from Health Canada’s Health Policy Contribution Program, William Osler Health System and McMaster University’s Department of Family Medicine have collaborated to spread PoET and measure its benefits over the last three years (2019-2022). Preliminary data collected include*: 

*The COVID-19 pandemic began during the initial launch of the project, and this data was collected from 10 homes whose 1-year evaluation follow-up directly coincided with the first or second COVID-19 waves. Analysis which is to take place later in 2022 will allow us to control for the impact of COVID19 by having control homes for comparison.

The Provincial PoET Program 

offers three project streams to choose from:

Initiation Stream

For homes new to PoET. This program stream helps homes to understand their current practices related to consent, capacity, and substitute decision making and identify and put in place sustainable changes that will help them to more closely align with Ontario's Health Care Consent Act
$ 4800
  • A PoET Spread Leader will work directly with the home to observe current practices and then present, tailor, test and troubleshoot suggested change ideas
  • Takes place over a 4-week period
  • Tools, education and materials provided
  • Delivered through a virtual model
  • Upon successful completion, home will receive a 1-year PoET Certification

Refresh Stream

For homes preparing for recertification. This program stream helps to reinforce learnings and refine changes made in initial launch, and identify new opportunities for alignment with Ontario’s Health Care Consent Act
$ 1950
  • Takes place over a two-week period
  • Spread Leader will help the home to: (1) identify areas where previous changes could be reinforced and refined, and (2) identify where new changes could be implemented.
  • Education sessions, tools, and materials provided
  • Delivered through a virtual model

Recertification Stream

For homes interested in maintaining current PoET certification. This sream will measure, evaluate, and certify the home’s commitment to PoET changes and ongoing quality improvement related to them
$ 1450
  • Takes place over a two-week period
  • The PoET Team will work closely with the home to measure and evaluate the home’s practices related to consent, capacity, and substitute decision making.
  • Report provided
  • Delivered using a virtual model
  • 3-Year PoET Certification upon successful completion

Frequently Asked Questions about the Provincial PoET Program

Yes! All homes in your organization can participate in the program at the same time  (subject to scheduling availability), and we can deliver the program in order to maintain consistency across sites.

Please note, however, that certification in the Initiation and Recertification streams is home-specific.

The tools provided to your home during the Initiation Stream are licensed under Creative Commons, and are yours to keep.  

A number of PoET resources (including downloadable booklets in multiple languages, videos, and posters) are available on our website for your use.  Additionally, we also provide weekly, free webinars with registration through our website.  Refresh sessions are designed for homes that have participated in PoET, and includes live, interactive review of new and existing PoET tools and resources.  

Should you find that your staff and physicians require further education after the four-week Initiation Stream, you can also consider taking part in the Refresh Stream.

The Provincial PoET Program is not associated with organizations that offer accreditation to long-term care homes (e.g. Accreditation Canada or CARF); however, implementing PoET changes in the home, achieving and maintaining current PoET Certification, and engaging in ongoing quality improvement related to legal obligations related to consent, capacity, and substitute decision making can help homes to meet the related standards of those organizations.

The Initiation Stream is designed for homes that are new to PoET, and requires the most engagement from homes.  Keep in mind that PoET focuses on changing work that you are already doing; our goal is to help you do that work in a different way.  The changes we suggest are intended to become part of regular, everyday practice.  

Depending on the needs of the home and the changes being implemented, time spent directly with the Spread Leader can vary from 4 – 8 hours per week.   Staff will also be independently working on change and education at the home during these weeks.

Changes in the home are initiated in Weeks 3 and 4 of the Initiation Stream, and will require the most engagement from staff. 

Your first step is to determine which Stream (Initiation, Refresh, or Recertification) will meet your current needs – and we can help you do that!

After identifying the appropriate Stream, one of our Spread Leaders  help with next steps.  Getting you ready to start is part of our role, and you don’t have to do any of it on your own. 

Homes do not need to complete the Refresh Stream before completing the Recertification stream – but it might be beneficial to do so. 

The Refresh Stream is for homes that would like to reinforce and refine changes they made in the past, improve staff understanding of consent, capacity, and substitute decision making, and identify opportunities for new changes. 

The Recertification Stream is for homes that are interested in having their current practices re-evaluated.

No, participation does not guarantee certification.

To receive a 1-Year PoET Certification at the end of the Initiation Stream homes will need to either meet basic requirements of PoET homes.  This should be attainable by the end of the 4-week implementation period so long as homes implement and sustain changes (which can home-specific) suggested and supported by the Spread Leader.  

Our job is to equip homes with the education, materials, and support that they need to meet the basic requirements for certification, but successfully meeting these requirements depends on a number of factors, and we recognize that some are within the control of the home, and some are not. 

If a home does not meet the requirements for certification by the end of the Initiation Stream, the PoET Spread Leader will inform the home of what requirements were not met, and will discuss what options (if any) might be available to the home based on their particular situation.

The Refresh Stream has been designed to help homes maintain change despite turnover.  If the Refresh Stream is not what your home is looking for, please reach out to us to discuss other possibilities.

We also offer weekly webinars, with registration available on our website.

The entire Provincial PoET Program is voluntary.  To receive PoET certification, however, homes may need to adopt all change ideas suggested; your PoET Spread Leader can help to identify which changes are most important for certification purposes.  

Spread Leaders are happy to work with the home to tailor change ideas so that they will work in your home. If there is a concern about one of the change ideas suggested, please let your Spread Leader know.

It is important to keep in mind that the ultimate goal of the PoET Project is to promote alignment with Ontario’s Health Care Consent Act, and that change ideas are suggested in response to a lack of alignment that the Spread Leader has noticed.    

You would enroll in either the Refresh Stream (to reinforce and refine previous changes, and identify other opportunities for change), or the Recertification Stream (to maintain PoET certification).

Each stream has an estimated fee that covers all activities: Initiation Stream ($4800/home), Refresh Stream ($1950/home), Recertification Stream ($1250/home).

If your organization is interested in supporting multiple homes, please reach out to us to discuss options.

While the work that we do through the Provincial PoET Program is with staff and physicians, we also offer a number of resources on our website for residents and families, including a Choose Your Own Adventure game called “Voices, Choices, and the Health Care Consent Act” (available here), a booklet on decision making available in 11 languages (available here), as well as our monthly 20&10 online webinars (registration links available here). 

If you still have questions, please contact us.