COVID-19 And Residents' Experiences

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of Ontario Long-Term Care Homes


What do you want to tell people about life in long-term care during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We believe it is always important to hear what long-term care home residents have to say; as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and important decisions about long-term care are being made, we believe this has become even more important.


Unfortunately, the pandemic has also made it more difficult to hear from residents.  In response, we have created a public page on our website (www.poetproject.ca) to post residents’ messages so that others (anyone in the world) can read them.  We will not post any resident’s name, the long-term care home’s name, or any other identifying information.  

We are interested in hearing anything from any resident from any long-term care home in Ontario.

Some of the things residents might want to talk about include:

  • How has your daily routine changed during the pandemic?
  • How have the visitation restrictions affected you?
  • What do you want the people making decisions about long-term care homes to know?
  • What do you think was done right? What do you wish had been done differently?

There is no word limit, but we might have to edit longer statements for space.  If statements include identifying information, we will remove it before posting.  If at any time you (the resident) would like your statement removed from the website, just contact us. 

Statements can be sent in an email, or scanned and attached to an email.  Please ask someone at your home to help you with this if you need it.  Please send emails to Jill Oliver, Community Ethicist & PoET Project Lead at William Osler Health System: jill.oliver@williamoslerhs.ca

If you would like to talk by phone, we can arrange this too.  Please call 647-278-0965.

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