Experience #2

My comments are maybe not valid,  as I lost my husband last year, before COVID struck.  I visited and fed him twice a day.  In the last 1 to 2 years, he was not aware of very much, and not able to carry on a conversation. He did still recognize me, I think, almost to the end. There is no way he would have understood why I was not there. It would have been so harmful to him. I could not have left him like that.  Truthfully,  I believe that it would have been hugely abusive to deny our visits. The LTC Centre had (almost all) very good staff, but these people were tremendously overworked, and could not give residents the full extent of physical or emotional support that family members did. For example, spending a long time feeding our loved ones. I am so grateful that my husband did not have to go through this COVID isolation.


My husband was on Palliative Care the last 2 weeks. He was dying, and not a priority before all the other residents. I understand this happens in LTC, because staff are so busy. I found him early one morning with his mouth all bloody because of sores. I was there and could have him cared for. But if it had been in COVID time, what would have happened to him, with no one to advocate for him?